June 25, 2019
Samuel Oshana lies his current home of Florida, in part because of the weather and the environment. He loves the ocean and he loves the year-round warmth because he likes the outdoors. However, as much as he lies his job, his career and his surroundings, he is from Boston, which makes him Boston through and through, especially with regard to sports. Over the years, even though most of his adult life has been spent in Florida, Sam Oshana still finds himself in a minority in that state, as a diehard fan of the sports teams representing Boston.

Regardless of his years away from the northern city, still sees his beloved Boston as a city of sports champions. Just within the past year, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in Major League Baseball, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl championship in the National Football League, the Boston Bruins fell just short in the National Hockey League Stanley Cup finals, and even the Boston Celtics made a credible run in the National Basketball Association playoffs.